A Few Reasons Why Rattan Furniture Should Be Your Go-To Choice for Outdoor Furnishings

As homeowners seek to optimize their living space, more and more, are choosing to create outdoor living areas as part of their home. Typically, they are spaces used two or three seasons out of the year, and for the most part, are exposed to the elements. As such, the furnishings chosen for these spaces must be suitable for these conditions, to get the most out of the living space.

When deciding on furnishings some people consider aesthetics only and not functionality, or practicality, for that matter. Two materials come to mind when furnishing an outdoor living area or even a patio garden. Of all the choices appropriate for Garden Furniture, the most suitable for outdoor use is rattan furniture.


When shopping for Rattan Furniture, one should be aware that there is both natural rattan and synthetic rattan furniture. The obvious difference between natural and synthetic rattan is that natural rattan is derived from a naturally occurring source and synthetic rattan is man-made and designed to mimic natural rattan.

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The material used to create natural rattan furniture comes from a type of palm similar to bamboo, that grows in the tropical regions of Indonesia, Asia, Africa, and Australia. It bears the distinction of being the oldest naturally occurring fiber still in use to make furniture. Rattan should not be confused with bamboo furniture as it is not hollow inside. The following briefly describes the features of natural and synthetic rattan:

Material – Natural rattan furniture is naturally strong and tough but becomes malleable upon heating. This allows it to be weaved into any form desired. Once cooled, it becomes even stronger and durable, lasting 15 years or more. Synthetic rattan furniture, like that distributed through featureDECO, may be made from an extruded polyethylene resin (PE resin), and can be made to appear as natural rattan. It is then weaved onto a rust-proof frame of aluminum.


Durability – Natural rattan furniture, although beautiful, is not made for outdoor use. The natural fibers are vulnerable to moisture and will eventually rot over the years. However, if placed in an area protected from rain and sun, they should last 10-15 years. On the other hand, synthetic rattan withstands the elements, without the need to move to a protected area.

Maintenance – Natural rattan does require maintenance other than the occasional dusting or wiping with a damp cloth. Synthetic rattan can be washed off with a hose without causing harm and for tough stains or dirt, a scrub brush can be used without damaging the fibers.


Why choose featureDECO for your Rattan Garden Furniture? One of the best reasons is that rattan furniture is an economical choice. Both natural and synthetic rattan furniture are less costly than traditional wood pieces and will certainly outlast them in an outdoor setting. Rattan furniture is also better suited for outdoor use because it has the appearance of being natural, therefore belonging to the outdoors. Whether one chooses natural or synthetic rattan, they won’t be disappointed.

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